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Diamond magical touch lamp

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Lampshade Color

Made of high quality acrylic,this clear crystal  lamp is ready to impress every receiver.The unique design makes a rose reflection and as a result your space looks like a fairytale.It has a romantic character and it is appropriate for your home or your profesionnal place,such as restaurant,hotel etc.

The diamond table light turns on with one touch and that is how it gives this blooming result.Depending the product ,you can choose between 3 colors or 16 colors.Both types change colors through touching.

The refracting diamond lamp is sparkling and colorful. It will be a great gift for your partner, friends and families. 



SWITCH MODE touch switch


BATTERY Full 2000 mAh lithium battery

PRODUCT SIZE Height 21.5cm X Diameter 9cm

ENDURANCE Fully charged can last about 15hours

DIMMING strong light and low light can be adjusted (can be used as ambient light, can be used as lighting)

 SHIPPING Ready to ship in 48h